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Cane Corso Puppies

We know that when you buy a Cane Corso you want to get the best Cane Corso puppy you can. That is why we made this site. This website will feature the best Cane Corso breeders in the world. We will personally screen each application to ensure that the Cane Corso breeder meets our standard of Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Care. We are accepting applications and feature a breeder about once a month. Please contact us if you are a Cane Corso Breeder and are interested in being featured.

Each Cane Corso breeder must meet our standard of Quality, Integrity, Respect, and Care

Quality - They must strive to breed the best Cane Corsos through good bloodlines and research into their breeding stock.
Integrity - This means that there should be very few issues with past customers. Customers should be pleased with their experience with their Cane Corso breeder. Multiple positive references are very helpful and should be on the website.
Respect - This means respect for their customers, and respect to the Cane Corso dog.
Care - This means that the kennel should be in a good state, clean and proper exercise should be given to each Cane Corso dog. Cane Corsos must be in good health, and well socialized.

Cane Corso Breeders

We know that buying a Cane Corso is a big decision. You should do a lot of research before purchasing a Cane Corso, dogs can be a big responsibility.


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